Building better systems for business owners across multiple industries. My name is Gary Bryan Dobbs and my focus and strategy are rooted in design and experience. I've sold, marketed and designed real estate. Architecture that elevates the spirit drives me. Internet Software continues to change the way people live and I want to continue to change the way people live through technology. My passions are architecture, business, automobiles and people. Click the button below to message me.

20 years of business experience in design, development and sales.

Major Skillset

Formally educated at Illinois Institute of Technology with core principles of modern architecture.

Worked in real estate agencies, real estate development, marketing agencies and consulting companies.

Currently training workers, coaching business owners and consulting commercial real estate companies. 

My method for customer relationship management sells visions, market brands and delivers experiences that are simple to use and straightforward to understand for business operators.

Management Consulting


Commercial Real Estate


Standard Operating Procedures


Internet Software


My Work

From real estate architecture to internet business, my work has propelled me to work at leading the consulting industry for commercial real estate. Today you'll find me consulting Commercial Real Estate Developers, Principals, Investors, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Managers and Brokers. Consulting through a method I've developed, Relationship Capital.

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Get actionable insight you can use in your business. We focus on consulting for the real estate industry that creates equity in the marketplace and makes impact in both local and online communities. Meeting the unmet needs of business with regards to real estate.
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