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The smart way to plan business

Internet marketing can be a field of cow pies, it's one reason why at GDC we are committed to providing you with the best methodologies for communications to help you reach your business goals, execute your ideas, hone your sight and materialize your projected business outcomes. When you need to effectively communicate your message, create equity in the market, and get to the right person, our products and services will help you identify relationships with synergy from the forest and the noise, so  that you can focus on the bigger picture and increase client value and business value through your north star metric.

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For a limited time when you purchase the 2 Page Plan you'll get insight and information on how to design, plan and build Relationship Capital within your business model. Get the 2 Page Plan now because this offer will expire.

Customer Value

Problem 1: You're business can't scale due to a bottleneck and your customer experience is suffering because of it. You don't have any depth with your customers therefore your connection with them is like a spider web. Not only is that a customer trap, it's easily breakable, it's annoying for the customer to get rid of, now what?

Business Value

Problem 2: You're bound by seasonal cycles in your marketplace and you can't seem to shake the customer objections. Your solution presents too much friction with their needs. When you detail relationships through our MAP Ratio framework our way you'll be able to map, measure and meet to find and fix these throughput issues. You need to fix communications.

Build groups, plan events,
or explore new circles.

With Relationship Capital, you can find fellow people with similar values, relative goals, all creating value and increasing the frequency of synergy between your network. Thousands of people that are already using relationship capital are already using it in their own ways. Join our Relationship Capital program to learn how to think about ideas, develop concepts, construct frameworks and design experiences. Gain knowledge from advisors, and gain models from mentors that are proven to work. Ask GDC to pilot your Relationship Capital.



Use our methodology and market testing for establishing stronger relationships with people that are mentors to you and reciprocate. People that help with big decisions, go to aspiration and get modeling.


Review knowledge gaps together, gain best practices, get consulting advice. For time sensitive issues your advisor group needs to be available at any notice. Test with a quick call to see how many respond to your emergency.


Buy, sell, and trade products and services together. In same marketplaces or separate. Get inspiration from each other, share journey's, be motivated, and your path get's clearer while you are set on fire. Be beacons of light.

No borders
and no limits

Relationship Capital is the vision you have for creating value with people you create equity with. That means you can count on them like a trusted board of advisors with abundant creativity. You have no excuse not to execute on your ideas. With headquarters where you are, your foundation needs to be adaptable to change with the environment of your industry anytime you need. Purchase now to gain more control over your relationships, customer value, business value and future. This time sensitive offer to receive insight through Relationship Capital.


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